Our Story

At the heart of our company is a mom whose baby inspired her to change the game. Meet our founder Meritxell McNally and the real life Baby Diego (along with little brother Alex). 


Our Founder Meritxell McNally and the real life Baby Diego

Like all good things, Baby Diego was created in 2008 as a solution to a tired Mom’s problem.  Bathinettes are the norm in Mexico, where Meritxell grew up. But when she started a new life and family in Nevada, she couldn’t find them anywhere. 

Frustrated by a mass of generic baby baths, Meritxell brought our flagship product, the Bathinette, to the forefront of the American market, inspiring thousands to rethink bath time.

Today, Baby Diego is a global brand re-thinking baby products, by creating solution-based designs that make the lives of parents and babies around the world easier.  To put it simply, we’ve navigated the challenges and charms of parenting, so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Our inspiration derives from the worlds' diverse cultures and pulls from generations of experiences. By creating products that balance ingenuity of safe, modern designs with the necessity of parenthood, we support parents with products that they never knew they could live without.