Parenting Made Easier

The baby years just got easier.

At the heart of Baby Diego is a mom who wanted baby products to work harder, so she didn't have to.

Oh, Diego!

When faced with common parenting woes, we didn’t break the wheel, we reinvented it. 

We've been there.

We get it. Babies get messy. That's where we step in.

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Baby Diego
Baby Diego
Baby Diego
Baby Diego

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Generations of Experience

Behind our brand is a mom whose baby inspired her to change the game. Meet Meri and the real life Baby Diego. 

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Hear what our happy customers have to say about Baby Diego products!

B. Thomas

Playard Owner

It's helped us out tremendously. It provides a way for us to cordon off a safe space for our son while allowing him an area to freely move. The fact that it breaks apart and can be arranged in various patterns allowed us to expand that space with some creative use of furniture. 

A. Shelly

Amazon Customer

This play yard was awesome1!!! I already had some of the sponge soft things for the 11 month old loves it and so do his parents lol. its easy to drop them in their with their toys and go cook or shower. IT gives them more freedom than a smaller playpen. Most play pens are 100bucks and smaller in sq footage. this playpen is worth its value and more!1 MUST BUY!!!

T. Miller

Bathinette Owner

We have used this bathinette for the past 8 weeks and love it! I don't understand why anyone would want a changing table for any room other than a bathroom, especially with a boy (projectile everything), so combining the changing table and the bath is a fabulous idea. The height is great and eliminated painful bending over to bath the baby

Baby Diego